About Us

I have always loved candles and I decided I wanted a new hobby that would keep me away from a computer screen.  I ordered a starter kit to try my hand at making my own.  I didn't realize how much I would love it and once my friends and family got ahold of my product I couldn't even keep my test candles for myself!

One day, I was looking at a jar and was reminded of a sunrise/sunset and wondered if I could have a landscape scene on the jar to mimic a beautiful scene.  I brought in my sister-in-law, as a local artist, to paint some of the jars for me.  Her talent and artistic ability is fantastic and she is able to bring my vision to life. On top of our memorable scents we are able to add a visual aspect as well with our limited edition hand painted jars.  You can even purchase the matching canvas so that way you have the whole set!

The first fragrance we worked on was Secret Waterfall.  This fragrance has a special place in our hearts as it reminds us of a family vacation we took to the Canadian Rockies a couple years ago.  Without having to even communicate, she knew exactly what scene to paint on the jars and canvases!  It was at this point that I decided to try to capture fragrances that can bring a memory back to life even if only for a few moments.  There are some fragrances are not built around a prior memory but since creating these candles they each have their own memories that have been captured during this process.

It is my hope that you can find a fragrance that reminds you of a special moment in time or that you can create a new memory around to cherish in the future!